Monday, November 29, 2010

It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to...

                                                                    shirt: new yorker,
                                                                    tank top: zara,
                                                                    skirt: made by me,
                                                                    leggins: calzedonia,
                                                                    necklace: accessorize,
                                                                    bracelet: accessorize,
                                                                    crown: no name,
                                                                    Photographer: Maja M.

Hello everyone, this will be one quick post, yesterday was my b-day, and i decided to dress different than usual, i surprised my guests and relatives, and i really had fun! I've got great presents and beautiful wishes, but the most important thing was, that my closest were with me!
Da, da, kruna, biseri i til su se savršeno slagali uz moju rođendansku tortu!:)
Možda će nekome  izgledati super, originalno i odlično, možda se nekome i ne svidi, ali je najvažnije da sam se ja dobro osećala u ovome!
Prošao je još jedan rođendan koji sam provela sa svojim najbližima ( neki su nedostajali i oni dobro znaju ko su)... oh da, i ja sam sada na broju 25!!! Mnogoo, zar ne!? :) Nikako ne mogu da se pomirim sa tim! :)
Hvala Maji na divnim fotografijama!!! ♥

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sanda Simona, Lookbook

                                                                  Dark Side of Venus
                                                                  Fashion Designer: Sanda Simona
                                                                  Styling and Art Director: Jelena Vujanic
                                                                  Photography: Aleksandar Carevic
                                                                  Photography Assistant: Dragan Radojevic
                                                                  Model: Vesna Koluvija
                                                                  Tehnical Horn production &
                                                                  hairstyle: Darjan Antonijevic
                                                                  Make up: Bojana Gligorijevic
                                                                  tehnical support and good laugh: Arsenije Jankovic

 Finally i got these photos from one of my fave young designers! You are probably remember that i mention Sanda Simona earlier, and that my battery was to low, to make some shoots, but im happy because i can show you now what i was talking about!Hope that you will like this collection, because Sanda is one talented girl and she really has what to show to the world! Im wishing her great success!!!

Jeeee, konačno!!! Sećate se onog drugog dana, Jacobs Fashion Selection-a?! A kako i ne bi, kada su se mogle videti razne stvari te večeri! :) Hm! E sad, ono što je ostavilo najveći utisak na mene, je upravo poslednja revija koja se održala te večeri, a baterija se ispraznila, tako da nije bilo više mogućnosti za fotografisanje! Ali ni to više nije važno, jer sada imam još bolje slike! :)
Mlada dizajnerka Sanda Simona je rešila da napravi Lookbook sa njenom kolekcijom, kojim sam ja oduševljena, i ovim putem joj se zahvaljujem što me je obavestila o tome! :)  Hvala Sanda, divna si!!!Moji omiljeni komadi su haljine sa poslednje slike, kao i jakne/sakoi, ma cela kolekcija je fantastična!
Nadam se da će vam se dopasti, jedva čekam da čujem vaše komentare!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Only girl.....

 boots: miss 60,
bag: no name,
 trench: mango,
    jeans: pull&bear,
 sweater: h&m,
    belt: accessorize,
  scarf: pashmina,
      head scarf: vintage,
                   rings: new yorker, no name,
          bracelets: new yorker,
       watch: michael kors,
           photographer: Sonja Z.

Hi guys, sorry i didnt make any post sooner, i had so many things to do. So i decided to start this week with outfit post! Hope that you will like it!!!!This is one of my fave combo for a fall walk, i was with my friend so im very thankful to her because we made some great shoots!

Znam da me nije bilo dugo, i  iskreno se nadam da sam vam nedostajala! :) Kolokvijum, kolači, sarma, ruska salata, pune ruke posla, što od spremanja, što od jela! ;) Ali je konačno došao red i za jedan outfit post. Danas je bio dan za kupovinu poklona, tako da sam dobila "early b-day gift"  od mojih dragih drugarica, divne su!!!! Hvala devojke!!! Videćete  uskoro o čemu je reč, merkala sam ga više od dva meseca! :) Hvala divnooj Sonjici koja je bila strpljiva, i koja je napravila ove sličice!! Nadam se da će vam se dopasti!!!
Kako je lep osećaj ponovi piskarati nešto!

What I am most thankful for...

My blogging has been fairly sporadic these past few weeks. This time of year is always insane. I am trying to stay calm, but it's never easy. When I get worked up, my left eye starts to's been working overtime these past few days:o) Does eye twitching burn calories?;o)
I have lots of projects to share with you soon....just don't have the time to share now, at least not in the detail that I want to share them. 
I painted the kitchen the other day...comfort gray, same as the living room. I feel so happy when I see these two rooms right now. I purchased some new-to-me chairs for the kitchen table(more on those later). They are so cute and they ALL fit under the table. 
My next project in the kitchen will be to put up board and batten under the bar.
I have only two barstool"s" right now. I really need four since the space at my bar allows for it...I FINALLY found someone who carries the bar stools to match You have no idea how excited I am  that they have them:o) Can't wait to order them!!
That's another thing to add to the list AFTER Thanksgiving.
I am really looking forward to this holiday. I am truly thankful for all that I have right now. This time last year, we were in the throws of every sickness imaginable. We were sick for 5 solid months with no breaks. Someone was always sick. The kids were so pitiful that their hair started to fall out. So this year, I am most thankful for the health of my family.
This will probably be the ONLY time I have a picture of my children's faces on this blog...ya know, for privacy purposes:o)

I am also thankful for my WONDERFUL husband. He is one of the most patient men, even though he says he's not. For him to put up with me for almost 8 years, he's Superman:o) He puts up with all of my quirks, all my weirdness, and all of my obsessions. He just sits back and shakes his head and smiles. We are a team. I am the captain and he's the co-captain..hahaha, just kidding. He is a true leader and a great leader at that, a wonderful husband and father. Our children adore him as do I...even though I don't always show it:o) I love this man so much...
Here's a pic of me and my handsome prince
He even let me get away with buying our 4th Christmas tree off of Craigslist...but when he saw it, he said WOW, so I know he likes it even though he didn't want me to get it:o)
I really can't wait to share it with's awesome!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and please take the time to reflect on what you are truly thankful for...and make sure you let them know you are;o)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Ornament and a Tree

I made this ornament as a door prize for the Homemakers' Holiday Bonanza last Saturday. The Bonanza was a lot of fun. And Santa Claus gave us a little talk. 
The idea for this ornament came from Miss Mustard Seed. She is amazing in all that she creates:o)
I used the same hymnal sheet music that I used on the Sheet Music Wreath. I just cut the paper down a bit to make it ornament size. The picture of the girl in the center of the ornament is from The Graphics Fairy. If you guys haven't checked out her blog, you are really missing out. She has some great free printables!! I hated to give this ornament away b/c I thought it was so pretty...oh well...I guess that means I have to make more:o)
Here is one of the trees that I put up. This one is in S.R.'s room. Since her room is butterfly themed, her tree is loaded down with butterflies:o)
Nice and spark-ly, and EXTREMELY PINK. She loves it, I love it, even the men of the house love it:o)

I have been working on a few projects at the house...non-Christmas:o) Looking forward to sharing them with you when I get them completed. We are also making a few changes in the kitchen...nothing too drastic, but enough to make me smile:o) Have a great Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New York-er !

        bracelets: new yorker,
      watch: michael kors,
ring: new yorker,
               nail polish: avon, coral reef,
   Photographer: me :)

Hey guys, i just wanted to share with you my small purchase, i bought that ring for only 3,9 eur, and those bracelets for 1 eur ( each pack)  in New Yorker :) 

Jeeee, nove stvarčice, znam da nije mnogo ali sam htela da vam pokažem! Prsten sam platila 390 dinara, i obožavam ga već! Narukvice su bile 109 dinara :) , tako da sam kupila braon i ovu zelenu kombinaciju!I odušvljena sam kako se super uklapa uz sat! Zato trk u naš voljeni New Yorker ( "kopanje" po radnji je poželjno) ! :)

Kult fest - 19/20.11.

                                            Photos were taken from
  We are small country, but we certain have what to show to the world! So many great events, shows, fairs...creative and talented people, who are doing their best to bring us on higher level in fashion industry and fashion map. This weekend will happen one more great thing! 

 Evo još jednog modnog događaja, koji želim da najavim!
Kult fest će se održati u Novom Sadu, pod nazivom "Srbija u Modi-Moda u Srbiji"! Modna agencija Orea 
  i svima dobro poznat Srđan Šveljo su zaslužni za ovaj fest!Za one koji možda ne znaju, a ja verujem da je malo takvih, moram da napomenem da je Srđan modni urednik magazina Joy, stilista, bloger, poznat i kao DJ Fanatik, jedna svestrana osoba, iza koje stoji veliki broj projekata, a ovaj će biti još samo jedan odličan u nizu! Svi oni koji su zainteresovani da posete ovu manifestaciju i provedu lep vikend u Novom Sadu,  mogu se obratiti za karte na ! Uživajte!

Sadržaj festivala kulture je podeljen na nekoliko segmenata:
1. Izložba PAPER FASHION – odabrani modeli koji su napravljeni na dečijim kreativnim radionicama realizovanim u toku 2010.godine
2. Art Week – najava aktivnosti za 2011. godinu + izložba grupe autora: Svetlana Ninković – slikar // Miloš Nadaždin – fotograf // Jelena Srdanović – grafičar // Tijana Jovanović – grafički dizajner // Ljubomir Grubor – vajar // Milan Vučić – multimedija
3. Srbija u modi i moda u Srbiji – dve večeri modnih revija na kojima će se prikazati domaći modni brendovi i domaći modni dizajneri. Neki od njih su: AMC (Afrodite Mode Collection)//Legend // Mona // Zekstra // P....S.... // Nicola’s // TFY // P.W.L. // Evolution // Luna // Passage // Krisbo // Marina Milovanović // Dejan Despotović // Vasilije Kovačev // Sonja Nikolić // MIMIMASO // Gorana Smiljanić // Tijana Pavlov // Dejana Momčilović // Bata Spasojević // Ana Ljubinković // Dragana Ognjenović // Gordana Manojlović // JSP (Jelena i Svetlana Proković) // Nataša Šarić i Snežana Krejić // LILU by Danijela Biškup // Katarina Vuković // Irena Grahovac // EMMES // Ivana Pilja // Svetlana Horvat // Nataša Filipović // Punkuffer //Deerspotter // I mnogi drugi

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leopard in scarves....

                                                                    sunglasses: vintage,
                                                                    earrings: h&m,
                                                                    bracelets: h&m, accessorize,
                                                                    necklace: accessorize,
                                                                    ring: h&m,
                                                                    nail polish: avon, warm black,
                                                                    perfume: Gucci Guilty,
                                                                    Photographer: me :)

Take your favorite leopard pattern scarf and wrap it around your neck, put some golden jewelry , vintage sunglasses, and you are ready to go out on a sunny November day!!!!Enjoy!!!
Zahvaljujući iscrpnim izveštajima o modnim dešavanjima , potpuno sam zapostavila ešarpe! Nadam se da ih više neću preskakati i da će se pojavljivati jednom nedeljno kao što sam to i planirala! Ovo je jedna od mojih omiljenih, i ne mogu da razumem osobe koje kažu da ne vole leopard šaru! :)Treba je samo pažljivo izabrati , jer ne predstavlja baš svaka najbolje rešenje ( znate na šta mislim, i kakve se sve tigrice mogu videti u gradu)! hehe
Za ovaj sunčani novembarski dan, izabrala sam nju, vintage naočare i "malo" nakita! :)
p.s. Danas sam mnogo bolje, i hvala na svim željama da što pre ozdravim!!!♥

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fashion and tattoos...

  Most of the photos were taken from

Thanks to my sweet friend Larisa from Romania, and her lovely blog  i will have a lot of great photos without spending so many hours searching for them! Im not into tattoos so much , and i can say that i dont like it, or hate it but when i saw those photos, i cant decide yet should i change my mind or not? :) Chanel, Lanvin, LV, bows, this love, need, fashion or what?
Današnji post je trebao da bude o FW nagradama, ali pošto sam se razbolela ...šmrc...morala sam da ostanem kod kuće. Temperatura, malaksalost...i još dosta propratnih stvari me je sprečilo čak i da upalim laptop, onda možete pretopostaviti koliko mi je loše bilo!!! :( Već se osećam bolje, tako da sam brzo smislila šta je to što ću vam danas pokazati. 
Nikada nisam volela tetovaže, niti poželela da imam neku. Znam da postoji mnogo razloga za njihovo stavljanje, međutim kada sam videla ove fotografije ostala sam bez odgovora. Da li one predstavljaju ljubav prema ovoj vrsti "umetnosti", naklonost prema određenom brendu, modni dodatak, potrebu, ili trenutni trend? Šta vi mislite o tome?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Everything starts now!!!!

                                                                     Photographer: me :)
It's finally here!!!!Yaaaaay!!!I got my new camera today!!!Me and my G.would never be apart from now!! I bought Canon G12 , im so happy!!!And those are my first test shoots!!!I wanted to share one more thing with you, my gorgeous friend Olja send me those beautiful gifts from H&M, and im so thankful to her!!!Love you my girl!!!!!You are the  best!!!Mwuaaaaah
Ne znam da li se vidi promena ili ne u slikama, ali ja sam presrećna, ne mogu ni da vam opišem koliko!Svi moji najbliži znaju koliko sam kukala i želela novi aparat, i na krajuuuu, evooo ga!!! Jeeeeeee!!!Od danas se neću odvajati od njega!!!Divan je, savršen!!!!A ovo je tek početak!!!Evo sama sebi želim hiljade i hiljade dobrih slika sa njim! :)
E sad, ono što sam čuvala kao tajnu, jesu upravo poklončići koje mi je moja draga Olja poslala!Čekala sam da stigne da ih lepo uslikam!Neverovatno me je obradovala ovim nakitom, ne mogu ništa da izdvojim, sve mi se sviđaaa!!! :) Hvalaaaaa!!!!
Nadam se da će vam se dopasti moj novi nakit, i sličice, ovo je tek početak!!!Obećavam da ću biti sve bolja i bolja!!:)